I only have time for people who find me hilarious. Don't stop until you get what you deserve.

Colin Kane
Offensive, vulgar, disgusting and insulting ... Just how I like my comedians Colton, Facebook
Simply put; It's the best show you will ever see! Jason, Facebook
One of the best I've seen ... And I've seen them all. Sal, Facebook
I love when a comedian is completely fearless, and crude. Diana, Instagram
You'll like him for his face. You'll love him for his comedy. Rebecca, Instagram
Sex has never been the same since I've been following your career! Jamie, Facebook
You are amazing at what you do; I wish I had an eighth of your courage. Kayser, Facebook
I had front and center seats before and I'll never get anything else again. Melissa, Instagram
If you don't laugh, then you aren't my friend. Kimberly, Instagram
Acerbic and the balls to match. Eric, Facebook
No matter what people say or disagree with, officially funny. Dante, Facebook
The man who will change the face of stand up comedy. Spencer, Facebook

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